eSpeak GUI Client

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A Hildon/Gtk+ GUI client written in Python for eSpeak, the open source command-line text-to-speech tool.  

  • Selection of 49 languages, including voice packs that are still in experimental status (default English)
  • Amplitude (0 to 199, default 100) adjustment.
  • Pitch (0 to 99, default 50) adjustment.
  • Speed (words per minute, 80-390, default 170) adjustment.
  •  Word Gap (in milliseconds, 0-1000, default 10) adjustment.
  •  Opening a text file and loading its contents to the text box for editing and speaking.
  •  Direct pasting text contents to the text box for editing and speaking (no need to press Ctrl-V)
  •  One-click-clearing text contents of the text box
  •  Saving the speech to a .Wav file.
  • Toggling between Full Screen / Window mode.
  • Portrait Mode Support (experimental).
  • Saving the language/amplitude/pitch/speed/word gap selection when program exits, and loads them back when program launches automatically.
  • Supports multi-language user interfaces based on the Device Language selected. (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English UIs will be provided initially)


Application versions: 
File espeakgui_0.3-1_armel.deb24.32 KB17/04/2020 - 14:22

espeakgui (0.3-1) unstable; urgency=low

* Fixed the issue where the input cursor always moved to the end after text pasting.