File Browser (beta)

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Beta: File Browser for SailfishOS

This is a new version of the popular File Browser app by Kari Pihkala.

This version can be installed in parallel with the original File Browser.

A few months ago I felt the need for a more complete file manager on my phone. I liked what Rudi Timmermans did with his Fileman app, but I also liked the way File Browser handled directory changes. Plus I missed some features...

This release contains a long list of fixes and notable changes. See the release notes for details.

Most notable changes:

  • added a shortcuts page, easily accessible from the directory view (thanks to Rudi Timmermans for the idea!)
  • added quick filter option to the directory page (top pulley)
  • added file actions to the file page
  • added support for thumbnails (configurable)
  • added an image viewer and video previews
  • added a 'Gallery Mode' for comfortably managing folders of images
  • allowed selecting text in text preview
  • added sharing (easily disabled for Harbour at build time via spec file option)
  • added 'transfer' option: quickly copy, move, or link one/multiple files to one/multiple destinations
  • added list of contributors
  • added quick-selection option (long press on first item, like Shift in many desktop file managers)
  • added support for local view preferences (stored in .directory files, like KDE's Dolphin does)

Note: most pages and new features are reachable by swiping left or right or up or down! SailfishOS' swiping mechanic is amazing, and I tried to make use of it wherever possible. Try it out! ;)

I would appreciate it very much if you could test this new version and provide some feedback

  • Do you like the new interface?
  • Is SailfishOS 2 support important for you?
  • And of course: did you find bugs? Are important features missing?
  • and so on...

Please note that this version is not compatible with SailfishOS 2. Pull requests fixing this are more than welcome :)!

Please also note that the sharing feature included in this version is not allowed in Jolla's Harbour store. Releases here on OpenRepos will always include this feature, though.

Important: For this beta release (2.0.0 and upwards), I changed the license of my changes to the GNU GPL v3+. The original File Browser is in the Public Domain.

This app is free software released under the GNU GPL v3+. The source code is available here: The non-beta source code can be found here:

Application versions: 
File harbour-file-browser-beta-2.0.0-0.i486.rpm206.46 KB27/12/2019 - 15:18
File harbour-file-browser-beta-2.0.0-0.armv7hl.rpm193.91 KB12/12/2019 - 16:42
File harbour-file-browser-beta-2.0.1-0.i486.rpm210.38 KB30/12/2019 - 14:41
File harbour-file-browser-beta-2.0.1-0.armv7hl.rpm198.03 KB30/12/2019 - 14:41
File harbour-file-browser-beta-2.1.0-1.i486.rpm234.5 KB12/01/2020 - 20:36
File harbour-file-browser-beta-2.1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm219.9 KB12/01/2020 - 20:36

## Version 2.1.0-beta (2020-01-12) [by ichthyosaurus]

Published in OpenRepos on 2020-01-12.

 * Added file icons for compressed files and for PDF files
 * Implemented a new "Gallery Mode": images will be shown comfortably large, and
   all entries except for images, videos, and directories will be hidden
 * Implemented previewing videos directly
 *     - Note that this is intentionally kept simple.
 *       Use an external app for anything other than quickly checking what the file contains.
 *     - Thumbnail images for videos are not available as they are not supported by the system thumbnailer.
 * Added support for USB OTG devices
 *     - Any device mounted below /run/media/nemo will now be shown together with the SD card
 *     - Added a bottom pulley to the shortcuts page to manually refresh the list of devices
 *     - External storage settings can now directly be accessed via the context menu (see below)
 * Improved usability of bookmarks and shortcuts
 *     - Implemented manually sorting bookmarks
 *     - Fixed wrong icon for deleting bookmarks
 *     - Fixed bookmarks when transferring files
 *     - Moved shortcut to Android storage to the main "Locations" section
 * Improved settings handling to be more robust
 *     - Please note that all *customized* bookmark names will be reset *once*
 *       after installing this update
 *     - Fixed a bug where bookmark names (not the bookmarks themselves) could get lost
 *     - Added runtime-caching of settings to handle missing permissions
 *     - Fixed changing view settings in read-only directories
 *     - Restricted saving local view settings to /home/nemo/* and /run/media/nemo/*,
 *       so even if File Browser is run as root, no unwanted files will be written
 *       anywhere
 *     - Improved settings handling to be more intuitive when resetting a local
 *       value to the global default
 * not Harbour-compliant changes:
 *     - Added showing PDF files directly from the file page (swipe right)
 *       using Sailfish Office
 *     - Added context menu to external devices (bookmark page) to directly
 *       open system settings
 * Fixed a typo on the sorting options page
 * Added option to copy current path to clipboard to the main bottom pulley
 * Fixed showing path in pulley when adding a bookmark via shortcuts page
 * Performance improvements in
 *     - loading directories
 *     - switching between thumbnail modes
 *     - previewing large images

For developers:

 * Internal API changes
 *     - Moved settings from Engine to standalone settings handler
 *     - Replaced separate method for detecting SD cards by method collecting all mounted devices

## Version 2.0.1-beta (2019-12-30) [by ichthyosaurus]

Published in OpenRepos on 2019-12-30.

 * Updated translations: Swedish, Chinese, Spanish
 * (other translations still need updating - contributors welcome!)

## Version 2.0.0-beta (2019-12-12) [by ichthyosaurus]

Published in OpenRepos on 2019-12-12.

 * Performance improvements in
 *     - changing directories
 *     - loading directories
 *     - applying new settings
 * Implemented sharing files (non-Harbour version only)
 * Added file transfer option (quickly copy/move/link multiple files to multiple destinations)
 * Added shortcuts page instead of quick-links menu (swipe right)
 * Added bookmarks option (add from pulley or context menu, access on shortcuts page)
 * Show content preview of file immediately as attached page (swipe right)
 * Improved pulley menu order on file page
 * Moved some entries from pull down menu to push up menu on directory page
 * Added more sorting options for directory listings
 * Added setting to sort case-sensitively or case-insensitively
 * Simplified applying directory settings (top pulley or tap on directory title)
 * Fixed calculating disk space usage
 * Improved file date/time info
 * Added setting to use local view settings for all directories (.directory files from desktop file managers)
 * Improved selection panel and context menu in directory listings
 * Added file actions (copy/rename/share/... to file page)
 * Added quick-filter option to directory listings (open top pulley to maximum)
 * Improved rename dialog
 *   - disabled text prediction
 *   - added support for renaming multiple files at once
 *   - added check if file already exists
 * Improved horizontal app layout
 * Implemented file preview thumbnails
 * Added image viewer page (swipe right from file page)
 * Added "shift" selection of multiple files (long press on file entry to start)
 * Added cover actions ('search' and 'show shortcuts')
 * Added support for selecting text file preview (just like in the Notes app)
 * Implemented computing size of all selected file/directories (with properties page)
 * Implemented computing directory size (visible from properties page)
 * Implemented opening new windows
 * Improved launcher entry
 * Improved support for light ambiences
 * Improved and added some custom icons
 * Added support for animations in image viewer (e.g. GIF files)
 * Added list of contributors (swipe right from settings page)
 * Added support for initial directory as command line argument
 * Added settings page as attached page to shortcuts page (swipe right)
 * Added root mode app icon and highlight cover when running as root
 * Re-built app icon as SVG and generated new png images
 * Improved many strings (translations not updated yet)
 * Updated German translation
 * Polished user interface with improvements here and there

Note to developers: for this beta version (2.0.0 and upwards), the licensing was changed to the GNU GPLv3+.

## Version 1.8.0 (2019-05-12) [by karip]

Published in Jolla store on 2019-05-13.

 * Added a confirmation dialog for file overwriting
 * Fixed colors and icons for Sailfish 3 light ambiences