Weather Forecasts for Switzerland

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An unofficial client to the weather forecasts provided by the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss). Forecasts are available offline and updated every hour.


  • supports all places in Switzerland
  • designed to use as little network volume as possible
  • forecasts are cached and available offline
  • uses the official source thus being more reliable than other services

This app is free software released under the GNU GPL v3+. The source code is available here:


Note: weather warnings are not (yet) supported!

Application versions: 
File harbour-meteoswiss-1.2.4-1.noarch.rpm208.35 KB03/09/2019 - 17:44
File harbour-meteoswiss-1.2.5-1.noarch.rpm209.17 KB05/09/2019 - 12:16
File harbour-meteoswiss-1.2.6-2.noarch.rpm210.62 KB11/12/2019 - 13:58
File harbour-meteoswiss-1.2.7-1.noarch.rpm212.44 KB16/12/2019 - 15:28
File harbour-meteoswiss-1.2.8-1.noarch.rpm220 KB19/04/2020 - 15:14
File harbour-meteoswiss-1.2.9-1.noarch.rpm221.58 KB10/06/2020 - 17:16
File harbour-meteoswiss-1.3.0-1.noarch.rpm222.85 KB16/06/2020 - 16:09
File harbour-meteoswiss-1.3.0-2.noarch.rpm223.35 KB21/12/2020 - 15:05
File harbour-meteoswiss-1.3.1-2.noarch.rpm221.66 KB30/03/2022 - 02:33

version 1.3.1-1: Mar 24 2022

  • added a Sailjail profile so the app hopefully keeps working in SFOS >= 4.4
  • only permission is "Internet" for fetching forecasts

version 1.3.0-2: Dec 21 2020

  • changed an internal comment to make Sailfish SDK's RPM validation script happy

version 1.3.0-1: Jun 16 2020

  • see the last changelog for some changes that became visible with this release
  • switch to the official app's API
  • fix bug where day summaries were not correctly refreshed
  • update app description in a few places
  • update translations

version 1.2.9-1: Jun 10 2020

  • disable the whole app for now (prevents unnecessary network usage)
  • changes (currently not visible):
  • animate details table
  • make the app usable in landscape mode
  • remove broken summary background
  • show the corresponding small graph when tapping on a day instead of switching
  • to the forecast page (tap on the graph or the title to switch)
  • update About page
  • internal clean-ups
  • fix some small warnings

version 1.2.8-1: Apr 19 2020

  • fix About page to show correct license
  • fix typo in French translation
  • add Contributors page

version 1.2.7-1: Dec 16 2019

  • implement extensive database maintenance which will be done every 60 days
  • round precipitation value in (generated) day summaries
  • update Chinese translation
  • always prune old weather data from database

version 1.2.6-2: Dec 11 2019

  • generate day summaries if none could be downloaded
  • fix typo in French translation
  • add Chinese translation (thanks dashinfantry!)

version 1.2.5-1: Sep 05 2019

  • make app translatable to French and Italian
  • translate weather descriptions to French and Italian

version 1.2.4-1: Mar 24 2019

  • improve startup time

version 1.2.3-1: Mar 21 2019

  • fix missing loading indicators on overview page

version 1.2.2-1: Mar 18 2019

  • fix some visual glitches
  • improve data validation to make sure downloaded data is reliable

version 1.2.1-1: Feb 11 2019

  • heavily decrease network load
  • fix some visual glitches
  • heavily improve loading performance
  • heavily improve location adding performance
  • fix refreshing week summary on overview page

version 1.2.0-1: Feb 09 2019

  • backwards incompatible: store more locations details and week summaries in database
  • include more details in shipped list of locations
  • attempt to reduce network load by caching source paths
  • make clock on overview page non-clickable
  • highlight items on overview page to make them more distinct
  • prevent day summaries from flickering when selected
  • improve some error messages
  • mark current day in overview page's week overview
  • use API fromt he official app to load better week summaries
  • improve handling of missing data
  • show sunrise and other sun times for each day
  • fix saving locations order (regression from version 1.1.0)
  • indicate current hour only in today's charts
  • greatly improve performance:
  • - general loading - data loading from network - search page, searching - details page
  • add tiny overview charts to overview page
  • plus some minor visual improvements

version 1.1.1-1: Jan 29 2019

  • visually overhaul forecast page
  • show week overview for first 3 locations on overview page
  • visually polish table
  • fine-tune colors throughout
  • fix wrong wind speed unit
  • show weather description when clicking on a summary item on forecast page
  • improve code quality

version 1.1.0-2: Jan 28 2019

  • fix version number in About page

version 1.1.0-1: Jan 28 2019

  • backwards incompatible: store less data in database
  • show variance data in graphs (temperature and rain)
  • improve data loading performance

version 1.0.3-1: Jan 27 2019

  • improve translations
  • hide scales and overview on forecast page while loading
  • make status line dynamic
  • show zip code on overview page
  • add clock on overview page
  • small performance improvement while loading
  • add wind graph (with details in the table)
  • detect clicks everywhere on table list entries
  • add descriptions to graphs
  • fix slight difference in size of main scale and overlay scale

version 1.0.2-1: Jan 26 2019

  • use straight lines in temperature chart
  • add forecast summaries with symbols to the main forecast page
  • fix issues with graph width
  • visually align temperature and precipitation graphs
  • * Sat Jan 5 2019 Mirian Margiani 1.0.1-1
  • refactor visuals of forecast page
  • show weather string instead of zip and canton in overview
  • fix temperature sometimes not being shown in overview
  • don't restart refresh timer when data is manually refreshed
  • add some busy indicators and animations
  • performance changes
  • * Fri Jan 4 2019 Mirian Margiani 1.0.0-1
  • initial release