Patch: force cover size in application switcher (was: force large covers)

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As the new SailfishOS UI's application switcher is now vertically scrollable, it's now finally possible to force the large covers while being able to multitask with more than four applications.

This patch does that, alongside some other tweaks that improve the experience in this particular case:

  • The status bar sticks at the top even when scrolling through the open applications.
  • The status bar background is more prominent, easing its readability
  • The application switcher doesn't scroll to the top anymore when peeking/returning to the home screen.

It's also possible to force the Small covers instead of the Large ones.

New in version

The Status Bar can now be stickied in Events view, too.

New in version

It's now possible to choose the cover size behaviour (dynamic/large/small) from the Settings application.

Works on SailfishOS 3.0.0+.

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* [data] patch: updated for Sailfish OS Rokua (Thanks to Arno Dekker)