Bluetooth OBEX Filter off

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Bluetooth file transfer for all file types

Disable filter for supported MIME types when receiving files via OBEX with bluez

obexd-contentfilter-off provides a simple way to disable the filter for only registered MIME types, when receiving files via Bluetooth and its OBEX profile.


  • obexd-contentfilter-off's source files are hosted at Github.
  • Extensive background information is also provided there.
  • This package is hosted in a separate, single purpose repository, because obexd-contentfilter-off obsoletes an extant system package.
    Thus it is fine to leave this repository enabled during SailfishOS upgrades, if you have installed obexd-contentfilter-off from it (if not, it might be installed during a SailfishOS upgrade).
  • To restore the original behaviour and state of the OS, simply uninstall this package (but not by using the rpm command line utility!).
    Then also remove or disable this repository in order to prevent automatic reinstallation of obexd-contentfilter-off when upgrading the OS.
  • obexd-contentfilter-off should install and work fine on all SailfishOS and even MeeGo releases.
  • For discussing its properties and RPM packaging, please use obexd-contentfilter-off's issue tracker at Github.
  • Issues with this RPM package shall also be filed at its issue tracker at Github.
  • As this web-page at OpenRepos exists merely for distributing the obexd-contentfilter-off RPM, there is no need for issuing comments here.


Application versions: 
File obexd-contentfilter-off-1.1.9-stable.noarch.rpm22.22 KB19/01/2023 - 20:30
File obexd-contentfilter-off-1.1.10-stable.noarch.rpm22.34 KB30/01/2023 - 06:40
File obexd-contentfilter-off-1.1.11-stable.noarch.rpm22.32 KB06/02/2023 - 21:22