Sailfish OS Sipoonkorpi is now available

The release of Sailfish 3 has been a gratifying milestone for Jolla. Each new update completes the circle of the Sailfish 3 era, step by step, delivering new features and adding value to Sailfish OS.

This time, our name pick fell upon the woodlands of Sipoonkorpi. Sipoonkorpi is a 19 km² Finnish National park located in the municipalities of Helsinki, Vantaa and Sipoo. Sipoonkorpi is well known for its peaceful settings that combine nature and small villages to create an astonishing view.

Release Highlights

Sipoonkorpi’s beautifully diverse setting reflects in this update, which delivers plenty of features that enhance both the functionality and design of Sailfish OS. Key elements are related to security, communication and user experience. Also, we’ve enhanced the light ambience feature by adding basic support for user-generated light ambiences.


Privacy is one of our top priorities, and our focus on security is reflected on each of the updates made to Sailfish OS. We understand our corporate partners’ need for a secure system and one part of that is to provide dynamic security for network connections. A good example is when you connect to a wireless access point we can restrict the network traffic based on configuration added to system. This firewall configuration is set to block ICMP requests and for developer mode it allows access to SSH only over WiFi or USB.

Light Ambiences

User generated ambiences as a way to personalize your device has always been a key feature in Sailfish OS. In 3.0.0 we added two new ambiences with a dramatically different style with a light background and dark text. Now we’ve expanded this, and you can create light ambiences from any of your favourite pictures on your device. Light ambiences can easily be created from the gallery by selecting your favorite picture and then pressing the “Ambience” icon and choosing light as the style for the created ambience.

light ambience

Image Editing

We have added a redesigned image editing dialog that enables you to apply several actions at once such as cropping, changing brightness, contrast and rotating dialogs. After editing, both the original version and edited version are saved. Also, the edited version will be opened automatically, which allows you to see the changes made.

light ambience 4

Look & feel

For style and improved legibility we have added a nice blur effect to the backgrounds in Top Menu, App Grid and system dialogs. Also, you can choose to see the current weather information on the Lock screen.




Bulgarian language was added to Sailfish OS. Massive thanks to a handful of Bulgarian students for translating the OS from scratch, благодарим!

Sailfish X

The 3.0.1 update will be delivered to all devices supported in the Sailfish X program. With this update we will expand Sailfish X to support Planet Computer’s Gemini PDA. We’ll be opening downloads of the Free trial version of Sailfish X for Gemini PDA with a beta release as soon as few final details in distribution have been solved. We will notify of this separately.

Further, the Android app compatibility for Sony Xperia XA2 variants is soon ready to be published and we will start delivering it via Jolla Store at the end of January. The initial version will be a public beta.

Bug Fixes

As always, we want to thank our community for your continuous support and help! Some bugs that were fixed include; Contacts disappearing if google account sync failed, and graphic glitches, just to name a few.

For more information please read the release notes and for detailed instructions on how to update your Sailfish OS powered device please check out here.


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