Jolla – The Impossible Story Continues

Jolla – The Impossible Story Continues


09:35 - 09:55

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Marc Dillon

Co-Founder and COO of Jolla

Marc Dillon is the co-founder and COO of Jolla Ltd., the smartphone company from Finland. The sales start of the Jolla smartphone was announced at Slush 2013, and since then Jolla has expanded sales to cover the whole Europe, Hong Kong and India. At Jolla Marc’s role is to oversee the company’s most important asset, the independent Sailfish OS mobile operating system. Marc has 22 years of experience in wireless communication, and he is global speaker and thought leader in mobile technology. Prior to Jolla, Marc worked for Nokia in 2001-2012. He is also a guitarist & singer, motorcyclist, and enthusiastic in mechanics & electronics.

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