Opera Mini 8.0 for Harmattan

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This is a midlet (micro edition java application). It's from Opera software but no more downloadable from their site.

Please, first of all, install "PhoneMe (Java VM)" on your N9 !

Installation procedure : Thanks to this page "https://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=80914&page=7" (thank you Zas !), I packaged this Java App into a .deb file. However this is not a "user" package. So, we need command lines (and sudo).

  • Install :
    • download the .deb file
    • then run this : sudo aegis-dpkg -i operamini_8.0.deb
  • Remove :
    • run this : sudo aegis-apt-get remove operamini

Reminder : Opera Mini works in a client/server way with an Opera "Proxy" Server in the middle (between you and the site). The Web Pages are not running on your N9 but on this Opera Proxy Server and the HTML result is then sent to your N9.

Edit : I put a new version of the .deb package this day with a better control file. Nothing serious.

Application versions: 
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